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Wootz bladed Khanda
Wootz blade of early form
Stiff reinforced spine
Rare fighting type
Rare form

Wootz bladed Khanda Rare form Stiff reinforced fighting blade Shamshir www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Wootz bladed Khanda or rare form.

This broad reinforced fighting sword measures just under 76cms long and carries a blade 63cms long.
The basket hilt is an early and rare type being a Khanda style basket with an Indo Muslim Tulwar pommel dome and a curved pommel spike. The langet is also of the Indo Muslim form but with shorter quillon of a seldom seen stacked quillon lobes.
The blade is of a fine Wootz type with a single cutting edge with a crisp beveled cutting edge. The back edge is not sharpened , although the arrow shaped tip shares the same crisp beveled edges. The early Wootz blade is bound is reinforced bracing to the spine, forte and for 18cms between the cutting edge and the hilt.

A very rare and good fighting sword with a quality blade, 18th century or earlier.

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