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African sword
Maasai Seme
Thick heavy blade

African sword Maasai Seme www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good hefty mid 20th century Maasai Seme.

This African sword measures 72cms long in the scabbard. Out it is just over 71cms with a blade length just under 57cms.
The blade is a thick well forged type with a large medial ridge to both sides running from tip to tip. The faces are hollow forged either side of this ridge with beveled cutting edges.
The hilt is dressed in deer hide as is the red coloured scabbard that still retains small areas of hair similar to the hilt that were missed in the tanning process. The scabbard is a stretched and dyed hide that is stitched and finished with an iron ferrule to the base.

A very good example of a traditional Maasai warriors Seme.