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Parang Latok
Dayak sword

Parang Latok Dayak sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good complete seldom seen Latok.

Just under 72cms sheathed and 70cms out of the sheath. The blade length is 57cms.
The hilt is carved timber with brass wire binding acting as a supportive collar. The brass binding is rebated and bound in to a native black resin.
The blade is one of the more unusual forms of the Indonesian Archipelago. It is a heavy broad blade with a thick rectangular and angled forte.
The scabbard is a two piece slab timber type with a simple carved throat. It is rattan bound but near separated with the rattan binding held in place with glue.

A good rare sword that would grade up well with oiling of the timber and some new rattan bindings.