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African fighting spear
A fine and heavy example

African fighting spear A fine and heavy example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and heavy African spear.

The overall length of this 126cms. The spear head is 34cms long, the splayed butt spike is 11cms long.
A very interesting spear by design. It appears to be from the South African tribal regions and is equally capable as either a throwing spear, thrusting spear or club.
The thick timber shaft is hand knapped to the entire surface.
The forged spear head is secured to the shaft with broad woven animal sinew. The butt spike sits within the timber and is likely secured with an animal hide resin/glue.
Whilst spiral bound metal butt weights are seen throughout many regions of Africa, this example retains a very thick and heavy section not often seen and is capable of delivering a killer blow.

A very fine African fighting spear likely that of a chieftan or experienced warrior.