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Argentinian Gaucho knife
South American Cowboy
impressive sized knife
Silver dressed
An outstanding Punal

Argentinian Argentina Brazil Chile Gaucho knife South American Cowboy A strong, large & impressive Cowboy knife Silver dressed An outstanding Punal www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A release from my personal collections

Very rarely are large, non mass produced South American Gaucho knifes found for sale in the market.

The South Americas wild frontier equivalent of the Bowie knife, this impressive example measures 51.5cms long in tis sheath and 48.5cms out.
The blade length is 35.5cms long excluding the thick round faceted bolster.
The hilt is a tapering octagonal type, made from thick sheet silver that is capped at the pommel through which the tang is peened over a small raised silver Capstan.
The blade is a durable thick forged type with distal taper to the cutting edge and tip. The back edge is sharpened for over half its length and both it and the main edge are razor sharp.
Between the back edge and the bolster, the blades faces are decorated in scrolling designs.
The knifes sheath is thick black leather with silver fittings to the top, bottom and edges. The very tip of the sheath, there can be seen stylised cattle heads at either side.

A very fine and formidable knife, being both the daily working mans knife and a deadly fighting knife of very good quality.