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Very good Chinese swords
early to mid 19th century
Shuang Jian

Chinese swords early to mid 19th century Shuang Jian yanmaodao dragons chasing flaming pearl www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good complete set of Chinese swords, Shuang Jian.

Sheathed this matched pair of short Jian are 63cms long. Out of the sheath they are 57cms long with a blade length of 42cms.
The hilts are of typical Jian form with a brass lobed pommel, brass collar and a decorative brass forward curving guard with a facial features usually associated with Daoguang period.
The blades are flat one side and have a high medial ridge to the reverse. The sharp strong blades remain sharp and in excellent condition throughout and display clear laminations to the surfaces.
The scabbard is a timber core that is covered in smoothed and green dyed ray skin. There are minor age losses to the upper section. Pierced decorative brass fittings complete the scabbard.

A good rare pair of Chinese swords with fine old blades.