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A fine and rare Sudanese axe
Very unusual form
Thuluth script, croc skin

Military Kukri WW I dated Mk 2 military issue 1917 Cossipore arsenal www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very unusual and seldom seen Islamic Axe from the Sudan regions of Eastern Africa.

This axe measures 66cms tall and 31cms from cutting edge to tip.
Remaining in very fine condition, this axe shows an interesting variety of Indo Persian and Ottoman influence in its styling.
The thick iron shaft retains a very fine piece of Crocodile skin in excellent condition.
The entire surface of the axe is covered in Thuluth script and Islamic symbols and lettering, no surface has been left untouched.
The axe head is 23cms tall and has a very clear bell ring when struck. The curved rear spike is most unusual and is similar to that seen on Elephant goads.

A fine and rare Mahdist revolt period axe, possibly an Elephant goad with Combat attributes, late 19th century.