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Spanish Punal
A very fine complete example
Inlayed blade

Spanish Punal A very fine complete example Inlayed blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and complete Spanish Punal with a fine inlayed blade.

This knife measures 48cms in the sheath, just under 47cms out and has a blade length of 35cms.
The hilt is a bulbous type with decorated brass end caps either side of what appears to be either a horn or timber inner. The central section is decorated with twisted wire and decorated brass panels with the exception of two segments that are bone, likely to replace the loss of the original brass ones.
The bolster is carved and chiseled steel showing both circular and octagonal facets.
The blade is full and sharp. The base has to each side a brass panel decorated in floral motifs, one having movement. To both sides along the top of the blade is a long inlayed brass panel, again decorated in floral motifs. Surrounding these panels are incised decorations in the steel.
The back edge is false and runs for 24cms from the tip of the blade.
The sheath is a very fine type with very fine quality floral motifs engraved to each side.

A very fine example of this type of Spanish knife and one of the better type produced in the Albacete region.