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A very fine Indian sword
Maratha sword, Firanghi

A very fine Indian sword Maratha sword Firanghi www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Indian Firanghi with a high quality Khanda hilt.

This long sword measures 126cms long.
The blade is 102.5cms long.
The large Khanda basket hilt is a rarer faceted type and remains solid and in excellent condition throughout. Most of its surfaces retains their gilt silver finishes.
The straight fullered blade also remains in excellent condition throughout, carries a very sharp edge and is free from rust or distortion.
To the forte of both sides is a Spanish or Portuguese slogan that reads *DIME*EL*ATERRO* which loosely translated says say to me I pull down.

A very fine example of the type in excellent condition throughout.