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A fine Sikkim sword
fullered blade with scabbard
Ban sword, Lepcha people

Sikkim sword Fine fullered type with scabbard Ban sword of the Lepcha people www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine sword from Sikkim with a fullered blade.

This sword is just over 75cms long in the scabbard. It is just under 67cms out and has a blade length of 51cms.
The hilt is very dark carved timber in the shape of typical Bhutan and Tibetan sword hilts.
The blade is a fine type with deep fullering, a good cutting edge and spear like tip.
The scabbard is a open type with the front exposing the blade that is secured with two brass bands. The base of the scabbard is decorated with small brass rosettes pinned to the timber.

A fine example of a little known or seen sword.