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A rare Spanish dagger punale
A fine example, 18th century
Spanish Colonial America?

A rare Spanish dagger punale A fine example 18th century Spanish Colonial America www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good and rare 18th century Spanish dagger.

This unusual example measures just under 35cms long.
The blade is 24cms long and 4cms wide.
The unusual hooked grip is similar to some of the rarer Spanish colonial Espada ancha sword types being a hooked or curved pommel.
The dagger is of a full tang construction with horn grip slabs under decorative brass panels. The top side of the tang, through to the pommel tip is inlayed with decorative brass.
The blade is a hefty double edged type with a block ricasso. The forte is inlayed with a decorative brass border that continues ffor 4cms past the block ricasso.
The ricasso is decorated to both sides. One side is of particular interest in that is has engraved to it a face blowing wind from his mouth. The face wears a band or crown to his head, a regal theme I have personally not yet noted on sword or knives of the era or region.

A rare and unusual dagger with a regal themed wind god. The form, decorative nature and the wind theme are indicators that this particular dagger may have been a naval knife used on the Spanish Colonial frontiers of America.

A very interesting dagger.