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A very fine Qajar Khanjar
19th cent Persian dagger
Large all steel example
Gold embellishments

A very fine Qajar Khanjar<br>19th cent Persian dagger<br>Large all steel example<br>Gold embellishments www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine large and heavy all steel Persian Khanjar, 19th century Qajar.

This dagger measures 48cms long in the sheath.
Out it is 47cms long with a blade of length 33cm and a width at the base just under 6cms
Of outstanding quality and workmanship, this khanjar has its entire surface covered with various floral and bird motifs and cartouches displaying animals and various human figures with each cartouche being encircled with gold borders.
The blade has a large decorated forte, again decorated with floral motifs. To the centre of the forte is a pair of birds amidst branches and foliage with the birds encircled in a decorative gold border.
The tip is thickened in armour piercing fashion. Each side has a pronounced medial ridge and beveled cutting edges.

A very fine example of Qajar craftsmanship of the late 19th century.