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A very fine Turkish sabre
Ottoman Kilij dated 1743/1744
Damascus blade, Rhino Hilt
gilt silver fittings
signed scabbard

A very fine Turkish sabre Ottoman Kilij / Damascus blade, Rhino Hilt gilt silver fittings signed scabbard dated 1743/1744 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and complete example of a mid 18th century Turkish sabre, Kilij, Kilic.

In a straight line, the overall length of this sabre is 95cms in the scabbard.
Drawn from the scabbard it is just under 90cms with a blade length of 76cms. The cutting edge along the curve is 80cms.
The hilt is made from carved Rhino horn grip slabs separated by a fluted gilt silver grip strap. It is pinned in three places by brass rivets and has a pierced pommel through which a woven wrist lanyard is secured. The wrist lanyard ends in a wooden toggle.
The quillon block is solid silver. It is decoratively engraved on all faces, en suite with all scabbard fittings.
The very fine deeply curved blade is a very well forged watered steel blade with a curve that rises 24cms from the hilt. The edge remains very sharp and in very good condition.
The scabbard is timber inners bound in black ass hide and gilt silver fittings.
The back of the leather coverings is stitched silver bullion thread in the traditional Ottoman manner. The silver fittings remain in very fine condition. All fittings are secured fast with no loss or movement. All fittings are embellished with various motifs and borders.
Beneath the area of the scabbard throat where the langets sit there are signatures to both sides. The first identifies the date the sword is made being 1743/1744. The second remains un-translated but appears in part to possibly be AH-see-TAH-neh, an old nick name for Istanbul but I am not certain of this aspect.

A very fine amd complete Ottoman sabre from the 18th century, seldom found so complete and in such fine condition.

This sabre certainly has the ability to grade up further with a professional polish.