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A fine Bali Keris
19th century blade with later hilt

A fine Bali Keris 19th century blade with later hilt www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Bali Keris.

This Bali Keris measures 63cms sheathed.
Out it is just under 58cms long with a blade length just under 43cms.
The blade is a very finely forged type with crisp details and fine Pamor surfaces. It is a seven luk type or good proportions and fine curves.
The sheath is made from very well selected timbers offering two dark eye like motifs to each side. It is secured to the base by a single plait of rattan.
The hilt is of the 20th century. It shows a warm age patina to its surfaces and is dressed in very fine silver work, an aspect not often seen. The hilt is figural, being that of a Balinese Brahmin high priest. He wears silver earrings, a gem stone encrusted sash, a walking cane dressed in silver, a floral band below his knees. He sits atop a large silver base inlayed with eight cabochons of good quality. The stones appear to be star sapphires and amethysts. there are two stones I am unsure of which maybe moon stones.
The ganja is loose but this does not detract from the overall beauty of this Keris.

A fine and interesting Bali Keris of good size and quality.