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A fine Kukri with carved hilt

A fine Kukri with carved hilt Chinthe guardian lion www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine early 20th century Chinthe hilted Kukri.

This example measures just over 43cms sheathed. It is 39cms long out of the sheath with a blade length of 29cms.
The overall condition of this Kukri is very good. The Sheath is free from damage or splits. The reverse retains the smaller sheaths and tinder pouch with slight loss of stitching to one corner.
The hilt is very well carved horn. The Guardian Lion has brass inlayed eyes, retains its tongue and has deeply incised ears and mouth.
The bolster is brass. The blade is hollow forged with a wide spine between the hilt and the end of the two fullers below the spine. At this point it narrows to the tip.

A fine example of a Chinthe Kukri.