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Shan Burma Dah
A fine and large example
Full Samrit alloy dress
Very rare sword

Thai Tai Shan Dah dha burmese Daab A fine and large example Full Samrit dress very rare sword Siamese sword Dha Darb www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine, large and rare sword.

This sword measures 102cms long in the scabbard.
Out of the scabbard it is 95cms long with a blade length of 56cms.
The most remarkable features of this example is the very rare full Samrit alloy dress and the overall length of the sword.
The Samrit dress, including the lotus bud pommel all remain in very fine condition for their age.
The blade is also in very fine condition being free from rust, pitting or edge nicks and although out of polish the surfaces remain bright.
The spine at the hilt is thick and has a raised medial ridge. The blade tapers through to the tip and the cutting edge with the raised medial ridge changing to a domed spine approx half way along the blade.
The blade ends is an uncommon spatula tip.

A very fine and complete Shan Burma sword in outstanding condition throughout. A non jewelled type, akin to that seen in the hands of the Shan Princes bodyguards in the Delhi Durbar