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Khyber knife, Salawar
Afghanistan fighting sword
Signed blade

Khyber knife Salawar Afghanistan fighting sword signed blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good complete Afghani Khyber sword with a signed blade.

This Khyber knife / Salawar measures 81cms long when sheathed. Out of the sheath it is just under 73cms long with a blade length of 59cms.
This particular sword sits well within the brown leather covered sheath. The sheath is stitched to the rear and ends in a large steel drag with a faceted final to the end. The drag is just over 24cms.
The grip is shaped horn, likely goat horn. The grip slabs are pinned through the tang in three places with the end two raised and rounded at the pommel, perhaps a personal choice for better grip? The grip slabs are capped with faceted brass bolsters and covered with a central brass grip strap.
The thick and heavy blade has a forward curve and slightly re-curved tip. There is a filler running beneath the t-spine, the edge is sharp and the tip full.
To the left face of the blade there is an Islamic signature, likely a makers stamp.

A good complete Central Asian fighting sword.