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A good African dagger
Decorated ivory hilt

A good African dagger Decorated ivory hilt www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good and interesting African dagger.

This ivory hilted dagger is 33cms long in the sheath.
Out of the sheath it measures 31cms long with a blade length of 23cms.
The hilt is a single pice of shaped ivory that is decorated in stylised sun motifs. The tang runs through the hilt and is folded over at the pommel.
The blade is double edged that narrows through the body and widens again 8cms from the tip where it again narrows to the tip. There is a raised medial ridge running through the entire blade with delicate hollow forged fullers running alongside.
The leather sheath is tooled to the front and stitched to the back.

A good and unusual African dagger.