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Large Bhutan Dagger

Large Bhutan Dagger www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare and Massive dagger from Eastern China for the Bhutan market.
Overall this gorgeous piece is a massive 51cms long in the scabbard and 49cms long out of the scabbard. The entire hilt and scabbard show beautiful ornate repousse work and I beleive it is all done in white metal (nickel silver) . The throat and drag are seperated by a nice old piece of ray skin in perfect condition with very nice age patina. The scabbard is covered in raised vines, dragons, Phoenix and what appears to be Kilin playing, the reverse is fully covered in vine patterns with a suspension bar at the top.
The blade is massive and broad, nearly 7mm thick, 4 cms wide and 35cms long with fullers and simplified Chinese characters to the blade near the fullers.