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Chinese fighting swords
Genuine 19th century
Wing Chun
Relic Hudiedao

Chinese fighting sowrds Genuine 19th century Wing Chun Relic Hudiedao www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare thick and heavy pair of Chinese fighting swords.

This pair are of the traditional Wing Chun size. They measure 43cms long overall and have a blade length of 31cms. The blades are pitted but have more than enough steel in them to see a restoration file and polish. The guards a bronze with a good age patina and the grip are Rosewood. The grips are cracked and split to the inside and I can supply for free, slabs of antique Chinese Rosewood if the restoration path wants to be followed.

In their current condition or restored, this pair offers for those training in such weapons, a knowledge in the hand of the genuine antique article.