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Dua Lalan, Toraja, Central Sulawesi

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A rare Dua Lalan, Toraja, Central Sulawesi
This rare antique sword is from the Mountainous regions of Central Sulawesi.
68cms overall in the scabbard, 65cms out. The thick straight 45cm blade shows a lovely pamor and flares to 4cms wide at the tip, capable of delivering a mighty blow.
The nicely carved horn hilt shows tribal geometric patterns and is rattan bound toward the blade. The wood scabbard is also bound in rattan and carries a horn stopper to the base.

"Dua Lalan" comes from its double useage, to either slaughter buffaloes for funeral sacrifice or to slaughter humans during times of war.
Similar swords can be seen in Albert G. Van Zonneveld, Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago, page 43.