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A rare Taoist Jian
Large broad blade
Silver votive designs

A rare Taoist Jian Large broad blade Silver votive designs www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good large 19th century Jian.

This Chinese sword measures 102cms long and is without a scabbard.
The sword is of a known late 19th century style, a sword that is often incorrectly identified as being from the earlier Qianlong dynasty. There are references that note these swords as being of historical importance as swords that were placed throughout China in important places by the empire, a reference that I cannot yet confirm.
The hilt is made from thick brass fittings that display a writhing Dragon on each face of each component.
The grip is a two piece bone type with a sage or scholar to each side.
The blade is a broad long double edged type that is just under 80cms long and 4cms wide at the base.
The blade's surfaces are decorated to both sides with a seal to the base. To one face are four figures or deities, the other four multi armed deities with each side of the blades figures encased in flaming borders. To the tip of the blade is a Dragon and seven star or Big Dipper figures, also encased in the same flaming border.

An important Jian in good condition for its age.