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A very good Rencong
Northern Sumatra
Fine blade

A very good antique Rencong knife sword dagger Northern Sumatra Fine blade hulu Meucangge www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good solid old Rencong with sheath.

This Rencong measures 38cms long in its sheath and 36cms out. The blade length is just under 27cms long including the stem ring/bolster.
The large dark horn hilt remains in fine condition as does the fine blade.
The blade is abroad thick type of good form and strength. It has a hollow forged blade with with a clear central medial ridge and beveled cutting edge.
The sheath is well made and carved and of typical form for the type. there is minor loss to one edge, an edge that is often cut flat and re-carved.

A classic and robust example of the type.