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Chinese short Dao, 19th century

Chinese short Dao, 19th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very clean and nice example of a standard military side arm from the late 1800s.
Just under 70cms in the scabbard and 61 cms out. The blade, hilt and fittings remain in outstanding condition. The slightly curved blade has very crisp fullers running toward the upswept tip and the spine narrows to a false edge with a reinforced tip
All brass fittings show nice chased patterns, the scabbard and hilt is covered in ray skin and the hilt still retains its brass binding.
The scabbard suspension fittings are lost or most likely given the good condition, removed by choise to be slid in to a waist sash in preference to a belt suspension.
A very attractive Chinese sword.