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Parang Nabur with original scabbard

Parang Nabur with original scabbard www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare sword and scabbard of Malay origins, usually being found on the Malay pennisula and south east Borneo.
Overall in the sacbbard this sword measures 74cms, out it is just under 68cms with a blade just over 53cms.
The hilt is timber and cast brass fittings that both show nice patina.
The blade shows good distal taper, is decorated in chiseled floral relief to the forte, the tip and the point where the raised spine starts. The blade is also pierced to the tip which is a most unusual feature.
The scabbard is of a wooden core that has been covered in heshen. the heshen has been stitched at the seams and coated in a coloured resin that has been applied to show two white diamond panels to each side. This coating, no doubt is to aid in protection from water.
Curiously the suspension is hung in European style being a hand made frog style arrangement made for a belt to slip through. The section is stitched hide that has old style nails or tacks to the front and rear to hold it firmly in place.
A nice and unusual complete example of a very rare sword.