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Sosun Patta / Sailaba
Sousson Pata
Ultra rare blade type

Sosun Patta / Sailaba Sousson Pata Ultra rare blade type Wootz www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An Indian sword with an ultra rare blade type, a serrated Sosun Patta.

There are several variations to the spelling of the sword type, sometimes seen as Sosun, Soson, Sousson, Pata, Pattah, Pattah.
This example remains is as found untouched condition. There are age issues as seen on the quillon ends but overall this is a rare and wonderful fighting sword.
The hilt is large and fits a large hand comfortably. The disk pommel is 7.5cms across and is 21cms long from langet tip to the pommel tip. The underside of the disk pommel is a very well crafted sunburst design that spins freely like a wheel. This is not the only moving aspect of the hilt, the lion head terminal on the knuckle guard has its tongue moving up and down within the open mouth. The overall attention to detail in the pierced work and hilt manufacture is testiment to a master craftsman and would have been spectactular in its hey day when completed with gold leaf decoration now lost with age.
The blade is a thick heavy fighting blade. The thick T-spine flows from hilt to tip and shows three deep fullers that end approx 6cms from the tip. The forte shows six short fullers, one of which continues towards the tip.
The cutting edge is a very well crafted serrated edge, something also seen on the Sapola within the SOLD page. The blade shows a very fine Wootz pattern towards the tip and with a professional polish, this example would grade up considerably.

An ultra rare heavy Indian fighting sword.