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Kirach, Indian sword,
an extremely rare sword,
with original scabbard

Kirach, Indian sword an extremely rare sword with original scabbard www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A lovely and complete rare Indian sword known as a Kirach.
This stunning old sword measures 87cms in the scabbard, just under 85cms out with a broad forward curving blade just under 74cms.
The hilt remains in very good condition with the majority of the original silverwork inplace showing rather unusual designs.
The blade appears to be a native pattern welded blade with rubbed 'eyelash' quality markings. These markings are finished with rubbed groups of three dots to each end and 7cms from the centre of this grouping are found clear groupings of three dots, being a reoccurring theme on many Indian blades. The blade has double fullers and is hollow ground to just short of the tip. The end of the blade is double edged for 21cms.
Seldom seen is the original velvet scabbard that also remains in very good condition with only slight timber losses and a small tear near the throat.
A very rare, complete and attractive fighting sword.