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Chinese polearm head
Yan Yue Dao
Period modification
to a hand chopper

Chinese polearm head Yan Yue Dao Period modification to a hand chopper www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice and unusual find.
This chopper, large knife/short sword has started its life as a Yanyuedao blade that has been hilted and had a custom red leather sheath of the period made for it.
The blade is an older blade, most likely the first half of the 19th century. Overall this piece is 45cms in the sheath and 44cms out. The blade 27cms long, of good quality steel, has a razor sharp edge and good distal taper that widens to the raised dorsal peak as is seen with these polearm heads. It has been noted by experts in the field that the most lethal of these polearms that the varieties of this size and construction as they were able to be moved extremely fast and nimble against an opponent.
The blade has a brass Tonkou and what appears to be the original small oval guard.
The tang has now been fitted with a well carved handle displaying a mythological creature's face to the pommel. All surfaces of the hilt display a nice warm old patina. The brass collar shows wear and repair.
The blade is uncleaned as seen in the images and show a small loss to the tip since reprofiled and spotting to the spine edge and the cutting edge.
A very nice and unusual example of a recycled weapon that would grade up well with a blade clean.