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Philippine Talibon
good rare fighting sword

Philippine Talibon good rare fighting sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good rare fighting sword(Talibon) from the Christian tribes of the Northern Philippines.
This piece measures just under 78cms in the scabbard, just over 70cms out with a blade of 57cms.
The spine is 10mm thick at the hilt with a thumb recess cut out near the hilt.
The hilt and scabbard have fine stable cracks and display decorative motifs also. Origianl rattan bindings still in place.
A very rare sword.
The blade shows a good forged construction and a very clear inserted edge. The are several dark patches to the surface with light pitting within these areas. A couple of edge nicks but overall a very good complete rare sword that would easily grade up with a blade polish and timber oil.
A good seldom seen sword.