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Pesh Kabz, Central Asia
Massive unusual example
Large pistol grip
Rare form

Pesh Kabz Massive unusual example Wootz blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A large and rare Central Asian Pesh Kabz or Karud.
Overall this Central Asian dagger is 39cms and the blade is just under 28cms. The large bulbous 'pistol grip' hilt was made with large hands in mind. The slabs are horn, it has a brass grip strap, an iron bolster over a decorative brass panel which in itself is an interesting design factor. The grip slabs show three large main rivets and many decorative smaller rivets as seen in the images.
The blade is of the forward curving type with a recurve tip, the spine is a T-spine from the hilt through to the tip. There is light staining to small areas of the blade and very light pitting to the tip region. The tang protrudes through the grip strap as is often seen on swords from Bukhara. This tang protrusion has a hole for a wrist lanyard or suspension.
A good solid rare fighting knife from the Central Asian regions.