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African sword
Sudanese Kaskara

African sword Sudanese Kaskara www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine completely native made Sudanese Kaskara.
At a 101cms long in the scabbard, this sword is of impressive dimensions. Out of the scabbard this example measures just over 98cms with a blade length just over 85cms and 4cms wide.
The blade is heavy broad and shows triple fullers to the tip and a thick false edge to the base.
The hilt is slightly loose from age and use but remains in very fine condition and is complete with its dyed and knotted tassel that is tied with red and green cord.
The scabbard also remains in very fine condition with a silver decorated throat, very fine tooled and stitched leather and a silver finial with losses to the base. The suspension loops are iron and the suspension strap and cords are also complete and in very fine condition.
A very tight fit in and out of the scabbard and it does seat with a firm hand.
Overall a very good example in fine condition.