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Romantic /society dagger
Very fine decorative dagger

Romantic society dagger Very fine decorative dagger www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and heavy German made "Romantic" dagger of unusual form.
This dagger measures 27cms overall in the sheath, 26cms out with a blade length of approx 16cms.
The construction is silver plated copper and bronze expertly rendered.
The hilt is a most unusual theme with lovers entwined to the front and a third person behind who appears to have rams horns seems to be whispering in to the ear on the other man whilst holding a dagger drawn. The guard carries a small hallmark that appears to be S&K, likely Schnitzler & Kirshbaum, Solingen.
The sheath is felt lined to keep the blade protected and it has done its job perfectly as the blade remains in very fine condition.
The sheath has Gargoyle like face to the front with snakes and vine motifs, the rear shows a stylised cross and vine motifs.
The blade has an eliptical block forte and is double edged for the remainder. It is expertly etched showing arms and floral designs.
A very fine example of a most unusual dagger.