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Bhutan sword
Very rare sword
Fine Bhutanese fighting sword

Bhutan sword Very rare sword Fine Bhutanese fighting sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and complete rare sword from Bhutan.

This sword measures 83cms overall in the sheath, drawn it is 78cms long with a blade length of 64cms.
The grip has eight shallow flutes and it is covered in tightly bound braided brass wire. The pommel and bands are brass with the collar at the blade and the fitting under the lower band of the grip being copper.
The scabbard is brass and white metal over timber. The central segment is undecorated with the upper and lower portions displaying decorative aspects as seen in the images. The suspension fitting and surrounding brass work is also embellished with decorative designs. The scabbard throat broadens with three bands opening wider at the throat.
The blade retains a very good sharp edge. It shows very clear hair pin laminations of differential steels with clear hair pin returns near the tip.

A fine and very seldom seen sword from Bhutan.