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Rhino and silver Khanjar
Oman Saidi Jambiya

Rhino and silver Khanjar Oman Saidi Jambiya Jambeya Mecca www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good and rare Omani Khanjar / Jambiya.

Measuring 34cms tall in the sheath, 28cms out with a 16cm blade.
This Arabian Jambiya dagger is mounted in the royal style known as Saidi.
The thick decorative silverwork shows very fine detail and remains in good condition for its age. To the front of the "L" shaped sheath is a belt ring attachment of rare form comprising of seven thick silver rings of varying sizes.
The front of the sheath has minor losses to the embroided silver thread seen along the bottom edge of the sheath.
Attached to the seven ring suspension system is an original leather belt that ends in a detailed silver buckle.
The blade is of typical Jambiya form with a raised medial ridge and is now darkened with age.

A good authentic Arabian Rhino and silver mounted Omani Khanjar dagger.